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About Dr. Lyons 
Yvette Lyons, Ph.D.
Yvette Lyons Ph.D., has a doctrine in Clinical Psychology with a Specialty in Expressive Art Therapy. Dr. Lyons has been teaching at the Graduate Level since 2006.  She has always love the arts. She has trained with some of the finest teachers in Southern California, and the U.S.  She has been using art all her life as a way of dealing with life's experiences and wonders. Art is a powerful healing tool for people of all ages and all cultures.   We all have experienced the benefits from engaging in the arts, music, dance, drama and creative writing as a means of expression.  Well, the arts are not for entertainment alone.  The field of Expressive Arts Therapy is growing.  Art is a very effective way of helping people deal with life, stress, disaster and disease.  The Expressive Arts can be used in the field of medicine, education, mental health, geriatrics, with children and adolescents as well as with families and couples.  Joseph Campbell said, "It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience."   The Expressive Arts are power healing tools.  Through the arts we are able to express thing that we can not find words for. 
As an artist:   Yvette Lyons has been an artist from childhood.  She was recognized for her art at a young age.  She attended the New York City School of Art & Design.   Art has always been an important part of daily life.  She has a great love for painting and drawing, and creates life sized sculptures.  Yvette is a trained artist.   Dr. Lyons also volunteers her time teaching art to elementary school children.

Today, Dr. Lyons has a teaching art studio in lovely Carlsbad California.  She teaches painting and art classes that are unique and different.  Through the process of painting,  you are able to release blocks in your body/mind and free up your creativity to enhance your life.  Painting becomes your teacher and healer.  This process helps people access the creative flow and allow that to move through them and their lives.  NO ~ you do not have to be an artist.  EVERYONE is artistic and creative.  Develop yourself!  You can visit her studio web site at for a list of workshops and classes coming up. 

As a musician, Dr. Lyons is a singer. She studied vocal technique for 15 years, and has sung in opera companies.  Using the voice is very healing and uplifting.  Playing the piano is another way that Dr. Lyons relaxes and transports into magical places. Music is a wonderful way to release stress and to calm the emotions and the body. Music is a clinically proven method used for healing the mind/body/spirit.

As a dancer, Dr. Lyons has spent many years learning dance, from jazz, modern dance aerobic dance, and most recently, competitive ballroom dance.  Movement and dance are essential to a healthy mind / body. Movement is a way of expressing that which is locked away in our bodies unaccessible through talk alone.  The body is the memory bank for the emotions.  We all need to dance our story, and as Gabrielle Roth says, "sweat our prayers".

As an Healer & Educator:      Because of her long time exposure with using the arts for healing and self expression, Dr. Lyons continued her education by pursuing a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, and then her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a special certification in Expressive Arts  Therapy.  She has worked with a wide variety of people and groups using Expressive Art.  Dr. Lyons created an art therapy program in a facility working with homeless veterans and schizophrenics.  She used Expressive Arts with families, children and adolescents in a private practice setting as well as with foster youths,  and at a crisis center as an intervention for the chronically mentally ill. 
As a trainer and educator, Yvette Lyons has run workshops in Expressive Arts Therapy and Sandtray Therapy.  Dr. Lyons is currently the Director of Expressive Art Therapy  Dept. at the San Diego University for Integrative Studies.   She has trained therapists and other mental health professionals the use of expressive art therapy in working with a multitude of populations.  Dr. Lyons been teaching at  the Graduate Level since 2007. Dr. Lyons was the Director of the Expressive Arts Therapy Department at the San Diego University for Integrative Studies (SDUIS).  
“Our senses are indeed our doors and windows on this world, in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meaning and the wellspring of creativity.”
Jean Houston
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