The Expressive Arts Experience - Yvette Lyons, Ph.D., Expressive Arts Therapist

Experience the Body/Mind/Emotional healing of being bathed in soothing, calming and comforting sound.  

Sound Baths have  many health benefits.  Through a regular practice of sound bath healing, you gain gain benefits that will aide in:

Decreased heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Slows your pulse
Promotes deeler breathing 
Oxygenates your body
Relieves pain
Moves you emotionally 
Clears your mind
Increases focus
Deep Relaxation
Sound Sleep
Stress Relief
Harmony and Flow
Deep Meditation

There’s no one experience to a sound bath. Each person will have a personal experience.  During the process, you will feel the sound vibrations bathing over your body as well as penetrating your body, you may feel a sense of transcendence or you may decend into a meditative state.  At times you may experience an emotional release. It is possible that you may cry, you may laugh or you might get irritated.  It is natural to fall asleep. Creative insights or solutions to problems might pop into your mind during the sound bath. You may see colors, or remember dreams and other memories. Whatever your experience is good. Let your feelings arise and then let them go. It is about allowing yourself to become immersed in the sound vibrations and let them bath you inside and out.


Everyone can benefit from the self-care of a sound bath healing.  There are no down sides.  We can come to you, you can come to us.  A Sound Bath can be invited into:

An Adult Birthday Party
Ladies Night Out
Baby Shower
Wedding Shower
A Corporate Event
Weekly Deep Sound Meditation

Join us for an immersion into the healing sonic vibrations of healing sound. This is a group experience.  We are located in Carlsbad North County San Diego at the Live Your Art Studio every 

Thursday night 
 7-8PM. $20.00
(Classes Beginning July 11, 2019)  

If you have any questions

(760) 805-5556

To Reserve Your Spot 
(currently 12 spots available)

Location: 3125 Tiger Run Ct. #101, Carlsbad, CA 92010

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