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15 Vision Board Questions for 2019

15  Vision Board Questions for 2019

Each year a few friends and I gather on New Year Eve to create our vision boards for the coming year. It is remarkable as I review each Dec. 31,  the previous year’s board how many things I actually accomplished during that year, and how many intentions have come to fruition.    This year I decided to put together a few questions that you can ponder while creating a vision board of your own: 

  • 1.    What do I want to experience this year?
  • 2.    What do I want to accomplish this year 
  • (job, travel, a relationship,       personal growth).
  • 3.    How do I want to develop myself (learn something new, try   something you’ve always wanted to try).
  • 4.    Who do I want to spend my time with this year?
  • 5.    Who and what would I like to attract into my life?
  • 6.    How will I go about achieving my goals?
  • 7.    What do I want more of in my life?
  • 8.    How will I develop a positive lifestyle? (Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)
  • 9.    What new adventures would I like to go on?
  • 10.  What new thing would I like to learn this year?
  • 11.  How would like to express my creativity this year?
  • 12.  In what way will I surprise myself this year?
  • 13.  Be open to possibilities.
  • 14.  Ask yourself, what do I love?  What do I like?  Those seem like simple questions, but there are many who really do not know the answer to these questions.
  • 15.  What is important to me?  (Love, Fun, Joy, Health, Abundance?) 

Making a vision board at the beginning of the year helps us to put into motion intentions for the coming months.  This is the first step in making our goals a reality. You are now giving your brain suggestions for what you want.  Our consciousness speaks the language of image.  So by choosing images to put on our vision board, we are allowing the deepest parts of our consciousness to speak to us as we reflect on what is immersing in a seemingly effortless way.  As you create your vision board, you are being witness to an inner process of desire and intention to become the best and to experience the best life has to offer. 
The next step is to be open. You now have the task of remaining open to receive.  YOU DESERVE IT!  No matter what it is.  Don’t allow fears to creep into your consciousness.  You have made your intention, and now you are ready to receive. If fears or doubts enter your mind, you simply need to release them.  Don’t get caught up in feeding them any of your mental or emotional energy. 
This is the time to practice faith and trust in the process. Watch for signs.  Seemingly unrelated coincidences come together.  C.G. Jung calls this “synchronicity”, some call this “messages from the Universe (or God), and other’s call it a Cosmic Connection.  
Trust your intuition. Trust that whatever you are choosing to put on your vision board is the very thing that your deepest desire wants. Don’t over think it!  Don’t doubt it!  Just go with the process.  It is alright to willingly choose images and words, and it is also good to just allow some words and images to jump out at your seemingly on their own.  Take them all.  Take what words and images catch your eye and go with it. Don’t over think. Your intuition will guide you, but first you must trust yourself enough to let go of having to control or rationalize everything. Allow you heart to lead you. 
Lastly, it may not all happen within one year, so KEEP your boards.  Each vision board is a piece of the puzzle of you.  Allow yourself to unfold and emerge in ‘RIGHT TIMING’.   Even if something on your vision board does not manifest within that year,  know that you have set in motion your intention for what you are ready to receive and then trust.  
How To Create A Vision. Board
Poster Board:  I like to work on 18x24.  Some people prefer half that size. You can always cut the larger poster board in half if you choose.
Magazines: Assorted Magazines
Glue:Either glue stick or white glue
Optional Materials: (If you choose additional art materials, but not necessary)
Paint:  Optional, but if you would like to add some paint I like acrylic assorted colors
Brushes: Small assortment not too large
Stickers:Assorted to your desire
Beads & Yarn or Ribbon
The Process:

  • 1.    Place your materials out on a work surface
  • 2.    Go through the magazines cutting out what images and words that grab you.  
  • 3.    Assemble the images to your board
  • 4.    Glue them to your board in an order that FEELS right for you
  • 5.    Adorn with other art materials (Optional if you choose)
  • 6.    Lastly, I like to write a brief notation about my process just to anchor it in my consciousness and bring the whole process into my executive thinking and planning mind.

Additionally, I like to place my vision board where I can see it for at least two weeks after creating it. Sometimes I will leave it up longer where the images and words can continue to reflect themselves back to me.  

2013 Vision Board

2014 Vision Board

2015 Vision Board

2016 Vision Board

2017 Vision Board

2018 To Be Created! 

Happy Creating! 


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