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Dance Movement Therapy and Artistic Expression For Healing


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Dance Movement Therapy and Artistic Expression For Healing

Dance/Movement Therapy and Artistic Expression for healing
What does dance and moving our body have to do with art? The answer is EVERYTHING!  Have you ever put on upbeat music, and try to keep your body still?  Impossible, isn’t it?  Music moves through us and our bodies cannot help but move to the rhythm and beat.  As the music plays it moves our bodies, our emotions and that moves our energy.  As the energy moves, we begin to release and transform trapped or blocked emotions and memories.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Hello Expressive Arts Enthusiasts,
We have alot of fun stuff coming up this Summer & Fall 2012 in Expressive Arts.  During the first part of the Summer, we have been exploring our inner archetypes through, "LANGUAGE, POETRY, FAIRYTALE AND FOLKLORE" class.  It has been a deep and rewarding experience so far. 
During the first half of our Summer session at SDUIS, we ill offer "ART THERAPY WITH ADULTS"  This course will be filled with experiencial exercises and information about working with adults and the aging population.

Upcoming Courses in Expressive Arts Therapy 2012

The Spring Quarter of 2012 will be exciting.  At SDUIS, in our Expressive Arts Therapy Training Program, we will be offering a 'Special Interest' course in the use of Film and Movies in Therapy. 
We will also offer a couse in Language, Myth, Fairytale and Folklore.  In this course we will explore Myth and the role it plays in our personal lives, in our culture, and in the creative process.  We will be writing our own Hero's Journey.
This would be a great time to get started in your Expressive Arts Therapy training.

Sandplay Therapy Course about to begin

Come and experience Sandplay Therapy.  It is a powerful to be used with children, adolescents as well as adults.  There is nothing like it.  You can take the course for credit towards a degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, or take it for CEUs, to add to your practice.  This course will be facilitated by Yvette Lyons, Ph.D. and Stella M. Saling, Ph.D.  Both trained in Sandplay Therapy and years of experience using sandplay therapy with various populations. 
To sign up for this course, please contact the San Diego University for Integrative Studies at

Fall 2011 Season in Expressive Arts Therapy

Fall 2011 Season in Expressive Arts Therapyis underway.  This season we are offering a Music Therapy Course as well as a Psychodrama Course at the San Diego University for Integrative Studies(  SDUIS offers three on line Expressive Arts Therapy Training Programs: 
* Certifications in  Expressive Arts Therapy
* Master's Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy
* Ph.D.  in Clinical Psychology with a Specialty in Expressive Arts Therapy
Our Certificate Program in Expressive Arts can be done on line.
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